Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imagine all the People - Anna Mouglalis, Diane Kruger... New icons next door

Modern muses and perfect representatives of the contemporary "female icon". Far from the throngs exasperating and hollow "it girls", they would have us accept as a new concept of disposable icons ... Gross ... They are the "new glam", ie a mix of old and new codes of "female icon" adjusted to our time.
They continue to offer that touch of dream and share of mystery by adding a new accessibility, subtly translated by a "girl next door" look or rather now "I'm not a celebrity everyday". This is the coronation of the refrain: "I am a simple girl who does extraordinary things," taking it to heart by all the new wave of actresses of the latest generation.
They have understood that the actual icon is a woman with two faces, but particularly holds several strings to her bow. The icon of this new century is apparently uninhibited and easily admirable ... For neither too sulfurous and desirable, neither too pale and common.
Similar to an excellent poker player "the icon next door" can play its image under any circumstances, impassive and imperceptible or sassy and bold. But each time, with that little "spark", that "something" that makes them and no others, true icons.

Anna Mouglalis wears:

scarf Epice, knit jacket Eric Bompard, pants Véronique Leroy, sandals Hermès

metallic bracelet

Diane Kruger wears:

dress (worn as a top) Lanvin/Acne, skirt Alexis Mabille, socks Hermès, shoes Christian Louboutin

red belt


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