Monday, April 12, 2010

Imagine all the People - Romy Schneider + Irma Urrila - Back to 70's way of life?

The 70's don't stop to inlay our closets, and this, for our greatest pleasure. The 70's look, at the same time feminine and natural, authentic and adventurer, continues to prevail as a "sure thing", among the many generational revivals.
Today, folk bands, "Nouvelle Vague" style indie movies, green housing, are widely acclaimed by the cultural elite Bohemian bourgeois at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.
Ethical fashion, natural cosmetics, organic food are the hobby of the new eco-friendly sphere, in a word, everybody's business.
Would materialistic detachment work at cross purposes? Apparently so…
Hence the feverish enthusiasm for the vintage spirit or anything that comes close.
Fashion, music, culture, anything goes. The new 70's look or how to make something new out of something old.

Romy Schneider is wearing:
look Chloé, bag Chanel


Irma Urrila is wearing:
poncho Chloé, sunglasses Chloé, bag Mulberry, shoes Chloé

mesh cap



  1. oooo, I like the first one!!

  2. Please serve this message to Irma!

    Hannu elenius would ask to have contact to Irma Urrila, fore family reason.(everything fine do here)
    This is my only link att the moment and I suffer to genow how is my Godmothers life...

    Samma på finska, och lite mera...

    Hei Hannu Elenius lähettää tällaista pullopostia perääsi. Järkyttävät uutiset Oslosta, ajoi minut tilaan, jossa haluaisin, jos aikasi hetkeksi riittäisi, purkaa tunnelmia. Siis suomeksi, mitä kuuluu ja kuinka voit?Kiitollisuudella ottaisin vastaan viestisi vaikka näin emailina. Enempää henkilökohtaisuuksiin tässä menemättä,
    Rakkain terveisin Turusta hannu