Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey folks,

dont.contradict.us took a long vacation, even a spiritual retreat to refine its approach and broaden its horizons. But also forming a new team, new players to give dont.contradict.us a stronger taste and look which matches us more closely.

dont.contradict.us is an idea, a thought, an act, a mean that wants to be in perpetual evolution; far away from what evokes its name literally, its goal will be to respond without imposing.
Without claiming awkwardly to bring "the unseen" in the blog world, we still want to add something which we hope will be very special and proudly inimitable .
What is now for us largely the best tool demonstrator of our talents will also have to be a wide field of discovery/rediscovery of what we love, what we transcend, without established order, without diktat and especially without being too pretentious.
We stress here the "too much" because we are lucid about the content of our megalo journalistic approach.
In the extent of our means, we also hope to bring a more or less abundant and regular strong-minded spirit, non-formatted around the subjects that inspire us.
Apart from our point of view, that of our precious environment will punctuate the sections to individual desires, discoveries and encounters of each and everyone of us.
With insolence and lightness we talk about clothes, photography, places, festivals, art and as much as possible without being too serious...

Borrowed from the irreverent Talking Heads, our motto will now be "Stop Making Sense"... A motto that captures perfectly the spirit of dont.contradict.us...

Hoping that you will attend to each of our appointments...


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