Monday, February 15, 2010

Imagine all the People - Vogue's Popes in somebody's else shoes... Girls just want to have fun

Most little girls play with dolls, then they become real human size dolls, and play in way different spheres as those of their childhood's clean and cosy nest.
I speak knowingly...
Some will not play the doll at all and others go on their quest, indeed their art, imposing their diktat to almost inevitable hordes of giant puppets swoon in front of each of their sermons...
Today, I had the regressive desire to replay the doll myself but with a twisted mind that characterizes me. So I chose those with whom no one ever plays on the pretext that they have invented the game...
What's more exciting than playing with the Pope's environment... I name Carine Roitfeld and Anna Wintour... Showing such intelligence and humor I am sure, will appreciate.
I dedicate this first draft, and game to a child who could provoque and upset the codes, with intelligence and verve, this genius who left us and whom we will miss: MR. ALEXANDER MC QUEEN.

Carine Roitfeld wears:
dress Lanvin, purse Bottega Venetta,
shoes Versace

vintage barroco ring

Anna Wintour wears:
dress Balmain, bag Jean-Paul Gaultier,
boots Balmain, single shoe Giuseppe Zanotti

sometimes, less is more

By Maryama Luccioni


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