Thursday, October 14, 2010

Über Tropikal Airlines

As an offbeat fashion blog, we had to cover somewhat Paris Fashion Week. Who's the most offbeat and well known fashion designer? Yes, it is Jean-Charles de Castelbajac!
So if there was one show to cover, it would be his and that's what we did.
Here's a short video representing his latest S/S 11 "Über Tropikal Airlines" collection, featuring The Shoes - People Movin (Über Tropikal Edit).


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh My Ghent!!!

The dream team always in search of refreshing games and new places of perdition to discover, decided to move near our beautiful France to invade one of the strongholds of Europe partying which has kept plume and derision I name: Belgium. So we made a trip to Ghent which has been for a long time an undeniable high place and pool of pop and electronic music (Das Pop, 2ManyDJs's, ...). Invited by an artist we love and that we could not wait to listen to live or dj set....Stephen Fasano a.k.a. THE MAGICIAN who's from Brussels, by the way. Now as a solo project with the disco magic he has, we had the chance to embark on a beautiful invitation to dance... Returning from Chile among other things, he has offered his fellow compatriots and us, a fresh and spicy set, with a dose of madness and heat to this special evening organized by Eastpask and therefore orchestrated by The Magician, Villa and Horse Meat disco... A lineup that is propicious to delirium tremens... Happy New Year, the theme a bit "surrané" was transcended by an audience at the height of "kitscherie", always assumed and here to party. Parisians and their legendary snobbery have better behave themselves... was there to show that we can also be there... A good thing done... THE MAGICIAN currently sweeping the world of Knights with his cape and his wand, leaving in his wake a trail of disco and glam powder on all the dance floors of the world...
Its was kinda of magical, can tell. Let yourself be charmed...

To quench your disco and new beat thirst, you have to listen to the very good Villa trio of Ghent signed on the successful Abracada label, which has succeeded in ensuring a beautiful part of the evening.

Beats Of Love by VILLA Soundcloud

For the finale, we alert you about the coming of a music lord, encyclopedia and gold digger, of real
sound surgeons. Dirk de Ruyck operates the decks of the Parisian club Chez Moune on Friday, October 1st. Creator of Eskimo which needs no introduction, co-owner of the new nevertheless important Abracada label, selector of choice at Alainfinkelkrautrock and manager of groups like Aeroplane, among others things...


If you want to party in Belgium, we recommend the Libertine Supersport club led by the duo Mustang and
Chris le Frog. The place is warmly welcoming and the line-up is quite rich. wants to thank Belgium and the Belgians for the flow of love and madness that has been offered. We owe you one...


Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Hey folks, took a long vacation, even a spiritual retreat to refine its approach and broaden its horizons. But also forming a new team, new players to give a stronger taste and look which matches us more closely. is an idea, a thought, an act, a mean that wants to be in perpetual evolution; far away from what evokes its name literally, its goal will be to respond without imposing.
Without claiming awkwardly to bring "the unseen" in the blog world, we still want to add something which we hope will be very special and proudly inimitable .
What is now for us largely the best tool demonstrator of our talents will also have to be a wide field of discovery/rediscovery of what we love, what we transcend, without established order, without diktat and especially without being too pretentious.
We stress here the "too much" because we are lucid about the content of our megalo journalistic approach.
In the extent of our means, we also hope to bring a more or less abundant and regular strong-minded spirit, non-formatted around the subjects that inspire us.
Apart from our point of view, that of our precious environment will punctuate the sections to individual desires, discoveries and encounters of each and everyone of us.
With insolence and lightness we talk about clothes, photography, places, festivals, art and as much as possible without being too serious...

Borrowed from the irreverent Talking Heads, our motto will now be "Stop Making Sense"... A motto that captures perfectly the spirit of

Hoping that you will attend to each of our appointments...


Friday, June 4, 2010

Stay tuned... I'm not the one you're looking for

Playlist by Erika Tarbouriech and photo by Matthew Oliver

Thursday, April 22, 2010

On stage... High Places

The band originating from Brooklyn, NY, recently relocated to Los Angeles, CA is a duo comprising multi-instrumentalist Rob Barber and vocalist Mary Pearson. The two met each other at Western Michigan University. The name refers to a place where one has a better vantage point and can gain broader perspective, it references a love for mountains, rooftops, and of course metaphorical "high places". In the summer of 2008, the duo signed with Chicago label Thrill Jockey Records. The early singles and varied works were collected and released in July of 2008 as 03/07-09/07, and their debut S/T full length followed in September of 2008. Rob created the artwork by using photos taken by both band members. High Places tours almost constantly, they were at Midi Festival 2008 edition, and have toured with such notable bands as Deerhunter, No Age, Ponytail, Yacht, Dan Deacon,…
They were at Point Ephémère on last April 20th, such a pleasure to see them again. The new arrangements give to all those great tunes a very interesting sound. This time they've added a guitar which confers more soul to their trippy music. Get a chance to see them live on April 29th at Kill Your Pop festival in Dijon.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Vanity Fair... Memento Mori


Stay tuned... Hello darkness my old friend

I've recently re-watched Larry Clark's movies, and it's still the pool where I'd happily drown… Unfortunately, as it seems, ****** fairtilizer never heard of NOFX, Bad Religion, Pennywise, or even Chokebore… But, well… somehow those tunes remind me of a certain atmosphere and make me wanna stare at Joseph Szabo's book, Teenage Wildlife.

Playlist by Erika Tarbouriech and photo by Matthew Oliver


Monday, April 12, 2010

Imagine all the People - Romy Schneider + Irma Urrila - Back to 70's way of life?

The 70's don't stop to inlay our closets, and this, for our greatest pleasure. The 70's look, at the same time feminine and natural, authentic and adventurer, continues to prevail as a "sure thing", among the many generational revivals.
Today, folk bands, "Nouvelle Vague" style indie movies, green housing, are widely acclaimed by the cultural elite Bohemian bourgeois at the beginning of the 3rd millennium.
Ethical fashion, natural cosmetics, organic food are the hobby of the new eco-friendly sphere, in a word, everybody's business.
Would materialistic detachment work at cross purposes? Apparently so…
Hence the feverish enthusiasm for the vintage spirit or anything that comes close.
Fashion, music, culture, anything goes. The new 70's look or how to make something new out of something old.

Romy Schneider is wearing:
look Chloé, bag Chanel


Irma Urrila is wearing:
poncho Chloé, sunglasses Chloé, bag Mulberry, shoes Chloé

mesh cap


Sunday, April 11, 2010

On stage... The Strange Boys

The Strange Boys will play at the Midi Festival, Villa Noailles - Hyères ( 23th to 25th of July) on the initiative of their scheduler Frédéric Landini. We can be sure that like the past years the selection will be excellent. Last thursday we went to see them at Point Ephémère. It was such a nice atmosphere, cool guys, great interaction with the audience,… The singer reminds me of Bob Dylan somehow, so when he started playing harmonica it was picture perfect!
They were formed in Dallas, Texas in 2001 as a punk duo by Ryan Sambol (guitar, lead vocals, harmonica) and Matt Hammer the former drummer, while the pair was in 8th grade. Ryan's brother Philip joined in 2003 at the bass. The band later released their Nothing EP in 2007 on Dusty Medical Records and a self released EP, The Strange Boys will now forever be known as the Martin Luther Kings in 2008 before issuing their debut album, entitled And Girls Club via In The Red Records on March 3, 2009. After several changes in the line-up, they signed a deal with Rough Trade and announced details of their sophomore album, Be Brave, which was released on February 22th, 2010. Their music incorporates stylistic elements of garage rock, punk, r n' b and country. They've been compared to the 13th Floor Elevators and other bands featured on the compilation album Nuggets. They have toured alongside acts such as The Mighty Cannibals, Black Lips, Julian Casablancas, the late Jay Reatard,… They will be supporting Spoon and Deerhunter on a spring 2010 tour. Try to catch them on their way, and dance to their music like we did!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stay tuned... Dance before getting too pregnant


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Love at first sight... Me and the Devil by Gil Scott-Heron

My friend Maryama made me discover this amazing video, beautiful music and skateboard, which was enough to make me impatient to share it with you guys…
Gil Scott-Heron was born in Chicago, Illinois April 1, 1949 but spent his early childhood in Jackson, Tennessee, the home of his grandmother. Here comes the little story which I'm sure lots of my friends are gonna enjoy… His father Gil Heron of Jamaican descent, nicknamed "The Black Arrow", was a soccer player who, in the 1950s, became the first black athlete to play for Glasgow's Celtic Football Club.
Scott-Heron attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania, that's how he met Brian Jackson with whom he formed the band Black & Blues. After school he took a year off to write the novels The Vulture and The Nigger Factory, this first one being published in 1970 and well received. Whilst being a musician, a writer and a poet, he's been quite a few times to jail.
He released his new album, I'm New Here on independent label XL Recordings on February 9, 2010. Me and the Devil is the first single from this new opus. Listen, watch and enjoy!


On stage... Gablé

This band, noticed at Transmusicales festival in Rennes and MO'FO' at Mains d'Oeuvres - St Ouen, comes from a county dear to me, Normandy. They will play in Dijon on April 29th for the festival Kill your pop with Poni Hoax, Koudlam, High Places, A Sunny Day In Glasgow, among others. In the meantime we fly by Flèche d'Or to listen to them this Saturday April 3rd.


Monday, March 29, 2010

Idle hands are the devil's workshop - Pyjama party at Prescription Cocktail Club

What's a cool thing to do on a Sunday, when you're either hungover from the night before or really bored out of your mind? Well you could go to a cool pyjama party! And guess what, that's what my friends and I did. There's this great cocktail club, sort of a secret place called "Prescription Cocktail Club". It's located rue Mazarine in Paris' 6th district and they make p.r.e.t.t.y. good cocktails... And guess what we all had, yes, Bloody Marys the perfect cure for a hangover!
You should all come over next Sunday, we'll be there!
For more information, checkout their fb page here.
Pyjama parties hosted by Chi Chi Menendez and David Piper.

p.s.: Let's see whose the best Scrabble player.


Stay tuned... Blow my mind and I'll blow you

Playlist by Erika Tarbouriech and photo Lou by Marie Barray


Imagine all the People - Vivienne Westwood + Sonia Rykiel - Red Ladies rule the Couture

Who better to illustrate today what remains of irreverence and gaiety in the world of fashion. Each in their own way, the two red ladies continue to trust their own instincts and not slip into the new fashion/consumption formatted mold.They are pioneers in the art of leading a woman's life, creative, innovative and visionary, without any restrictions.Vivienne Westwood on her side, provoco-trash Queen, skillfully combining punk attitude and royal.
As for Sonia Rykiel, always jamming the tracks by exacerbating the image of a female child, the strong character of Paris shimmering and timeless, to our greatest pleasure.
If they are still on top today, it's precisely because they know not to betray themselves and stay close enough to their fans to create an unbreakable link.
They have not forgotten that the design industry was also to create fantasy, and people have more need than ever to dream.
It is not so superfluous to my taste that to slip on a dress and feel traveling or otherwise exist.
I sincerely thank these two ladies let us enter their world and allow us to display their dreams.

Vivienne Westwood is wearing:
total look Prada

lace umbrella

Sonia Rykiel is wearing:
teddy jacket Maje, denims jeans 7 For All Mankind, creepers shoes Sonia Rykiel

wear a canotier hat

By Maryama Luccioni


Thursday, March 25, 2010

In bed with... Anina

Paris 9th - March 10th 2010 - 07.00pm

+ What is your most cherished item?
+ Summer dresses +
+ What is missing to your wardrobe?
+ Sweaters +
+ What do you hate being contradicted on?
+ I don't care if people contradict me! +


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

On stage... WHY?

WHY? - These Hands / January Twenty Something from anticon. on Vimeo.

The band from Cincinnatti, Ohio will play in Paris on March 25th at La Maroquinerie. Before his first year in high school Jonathan Wolf called Yoni, discovered an old 4-track in his father's synagogue and began to experiment musically. Later, his brother Josiah and Doug McDiarmid joined his project to form WHY?… For their third LP Alopecia, they asked fans to contribute photographs of their palms for the album's artwork. It was released on March 11th, 2008 to very positive reviews, with The Hollows as the first single and the excellent These Few Presidents. Two different european and US versions of the single were released featuring remixes and covers by Boards of Canada, Xiu Xiu or Islands, … on their respective issues. On September 22th, 2009 they released their fourth LP, entitled Eskimo Snow, Yoni Wolf described those new songs as "the least hip-hop out of anything I've ever been involved with". They perform live with Andrew Broder (guitar) and Mark Erickson (bass).
Here is the video of the two first tracks of Eskimo Snow, These Hands and January Twenty Something, listen and enjoy...

By Erika Tarbouriech

Stay tuned... And then we'll go to the drunk tank

Playlist by Erika Tarbouriech and photo by Matthew Oliver


Monday, March 22, 2010

Up and coming brand - Bandits by Sarah Tari

Paris 9th - March 12th 2010 - 3pm

Model: Crista


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Imagine all the People - Two supermodels, Two generations, One allure

Ha! Finally, I can take great delight in the comparison game. It took a few years so that I retain, as when I was a teenager, the first name of who is for me the "revival supermodel" yes, yes, so much ... drum roll: Lara Stone.
The words jostle: statuesque, busty, sexy, devastating, subjugating.
I assume here and definitely my bias in her favor. I set her up today besides Eva, a moment of silence, please ... just to see Eva always so amazing after years of loyal service as the "#1 supermodel". Eva is a concentrate of sex appeal and feline grace that consumes you in a smile and kills you in a glance. What eventually leads me to compare them, is that they are not alike physically, but rather share a look, an attitude, an aura. Transcended by Lara who now boasts a regular size, both wonderful and rare to emphasize, imperfect teeth for some and undeniable charm to me. But above all, a charismatic icon. In other words: "a foxy lady".

Lara Stone is wearing:
pink sorbet jumpsuit Preen, open toe sandal boots Balenciaga

fluorescent feather earrings

Eva Herzigova is wearing:
total look Miu Miu

Get the convertible out of the garage


Sunday, March 14, 2010

In bed with... Canelle

Paris 9th - March 13th 2010 - 10.00pm

+ What is your most cherished item?
+ My socks and stockings +
+ What is missing to your wardrobe?
+ Sneakers, as I only have high heels +
+ What do you hate being contradicted on?
+ Come on, I'm always right! +

Canelle was listening to F.R. David - Words


Love at first sight... Odessa by Caribou

The Canadian band comes back with a new opus called Swim due to be released on April 20th 2010. The first excerpt Odessa is hacked for the dancefloor. We always find the psychedelic atmosphere that characterizes them, but this time the hovering sound of Melody Day (on Andorra - August 2007) or joyful of Yeti (on The Milk Of Human Kindness - April 2005) gives way to a darker mood.
The leader Daniel Victor Snaith is quoted as saying that he chose the name Caribou while on an LSD trip with friends in the canadian wilderness. The former name was Manitoba but had to be changed in 2004 under threat of an american lawsuit by Richard "Handsome Dick" Manitoba, the stage name of The Dictators frontman Richard Blum, to Snaith's opinion it was like The Smiths suing John Smith or something...
He performs with Ryan Smith, Brad Weber and John Schmersal as the former bassist Andy Lloyd now plays with Born Ruffians.
They will play in Paris on April 23th at Point Ephémère - Paris.


Monday, March 8, 2010

On stage... Panda Bear

After Deakin on January 18th at Point Ephémère - Paris, the other founding member of Animal Collective Noah Lennox will be on stage at Cabaret Sauvage on March 10th with his solo project Panda Bear. For the record, he chose the name "Panda Bear" because he drew pictures of pandas as artwork on the recordings he made as a younger musician.
The next album is titled "Tomboy" and is due to be released in September 2010.
Here is a tune from his previous album "Person Pitch"... So listen and enjoy!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Imagine all the People - New Era Divas

I've always been fascinated by the diva artist. Even going so far as to establish the fact that being a diva is an art in itself.
Inspired by the divas across all eras and styles, Maria Callas, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, to name them, they represented to me, each in their own way, the quintessence of the star and its ultimate prize caprices, whims and delusions, but also their exceptional destiny.
Common to all these divas is that solar power, this halo of light around them.
There was a time when the diva played a bit on the same register, whether actress or singer, or often both.
Statuesque and glamorous woman, going around intellectuals, artists in the wind and people of high society, sometimes teaming up with powerful men, mostly married, perhaps by risk appetite, provocation or innocence ... Giving birth to great epics of passionate or exciting and destructive love, of course.
Today's diva is a woman who wants to show the world how much she's a self-made woman, she alone is master of her destiny and architect of her success.
At the edge of "control freak", she keeps an eye on everything related to her image and her work.
Still as crazy, playing with the most current codes, they abandon now, the fragile and candid side of yesteryear's diva.
Timing question you might ask... "The woman is a man like others", they are there to show us.

Lady Gaga is wearing:
outfit Rochas, hat Borsalino, bag Céline

If you're not in the mood for hanging out half naked, try bleached denim bloomers

Ebony Bones is wearing:
headpiece Tsumori Chisato, dress Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, purse Miu Miu, shoes Bleach

Golden Indian jewelery and short denim jacket


Sunday, February 28, 2010

Don't contradict the kid - Nathan

London - February 28th 2010 - 11.00am


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Stay tuned... On the road to Alaska

Playlist by Erika Tarbouriech and photo by Matthew Oliver


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Imagine all the People - Anna Mouglalis, Diane Kruger... New icons next door

Modern muses and perfect representatives of the contemporary "female icon". Far from the throngs exasperating and hollow "it girls", they would have us accept as a new concept of disposable icons ... Gross ... They are the "new glam", ie a mix of old and new codes of "female icon" adjusted to our time.
They continue to offer that touch of dream and share of mystery by adding a new accessibility, subtly translated by a "girl next door" look or rather now "I'm not a celebrity everyday". This is the coronation of the refrain: "I am a simple girl who does extraordinary things," taking it to heart by all the new wave of actresses of the latest generation.
They have understood that the actual icon is a woman with two faces, but particularly holds several strings to her bow. The icon of this new century is apparently uninhibited and easily admirable ... For neither too sulfurous and desirable, neither too pale and common.
Similar to an excellent poker player "the icon next door" can play its image under any circumstances, impassive and imperceptible or sassy and bold. But each time, with that little "spark", that "something" that makes them and no others, true icons.

Anna Mouglalis wears:

scarf Epice, knit jacket Eric Bompard, pants Véronique Leroy, sandals Hermès

metallic bracelet

Diane Kruger wears:

dress (worn as a top) Lanvin/Acne, skirt Alexis Mabille, socks Hermès, shoes Christian Louboutin

red belt


Friday, February 19, 2010

In bed with... Albane

Paris 3th - February 18th 2010 - 11.40pm

+ What is your most cherished item?
+ My Vintage mustard tweed jacket +
+ What is missing to your wardrobe?
+ Some space, I need lots more space +
+ What do you hate being contradicted on?
+ What I am right on +

Albane was listening to Visage - Fade to grey


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Stay tuned... Please don't turn off the light


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Superfluous essentials - Wear sunglasses, reveal the creature inside you

The giraffe is wearing Emmanuelle Khan sunglasses

The mouse is wearing Balenciaga sunglasses

 *hoodie: Fuckingawesome


Monday, February 15, 2010

Imagine all the People - Vogue's Popes in somebody's else shoes... Girls just want to have fun

Most little girls play with dolls, then they become real human size dolls, and play in way different spheres as those of their childhood's clean and cosy nest.
I speak knowingly...
Some will not play the doll at all and others go on their quest, indeed their art, imposing their diktat to almost inevitable hordes of giant puppets swoon in front of each of their sermons...
Today, I had the regressive desire to replay the doll myself but with a twisted mind that characterizes me. So I chose those with whom no one ever plays on the pretext that they have invented the game...
What's more exciting than playing with the Pope's environment... I name Carine Roitfeld and Anna Wintour... Showing such intelligence and humor I am sure, will appreciate.
I dedicate this first draft, and game to a child who could provoque and upset the codes, with intelligence and verve, this genius who left us and whom we will miss: MR. ALEXANDER MC QUEEN.

Carine Roitfeld wears:
dress Lanvin, purse Bottega Venetta,
shoes Versace

vintage barroco ring

Anna Wintour wears:
dress Balmain, bag Jean-Paul Gaultier,
boots Balmain, single shoe Giuseppe Zanotti

sometimes, less is more

By Maryama Luccioni


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love at first sight... Sunny day in Glasgow

The band comes from Philadelphia - United States


Stay tuned... Maybe the spark is gone


In bed with... Paolina

Paris 9th - February 8th 2010 - 9.24pm

+ What is your most cherished item?
+ My denim jacket +
+ What is missing to your wardrobe?
+ A well placed beauty spot +
+ What do you hate being contradicted on?
+ Pretty much everything +

*white/red t-shirt: Vava Dudu

By Matthew Oliver


Monday, February 8, 2010

Imagine all the People - Jennifer Connelly and Scarlett Johansson in Jungle allure for urban queen

Jennifer Connelly wears:
pull over Proenza Schouler, skirt Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, sunglasses vintage,
shoulder bag Chanel, 48H bag Balenciaga, bracelets Comfy Clogs, shoes Proenza Schouler

Borsalino makes you Incognito

Scarlett Johansson wears:
dress Louis Vuitton, basket Balenciaga, sandals Giuseppe Zanotti

golden bangles for african boogie


Thursday, February 4, 2010

On stage... So so modern february 4th 2010 at Flèche d'Or

The band comes from Wellington - New Zealand