Monday, March 29, 2010

Imagine all the People - Vivienne Westwood + Sonia Rykiel - Red Ladies rule the Couture

Who better to illustrate today what remains of irreverence and gaiety in the world of fashion. Each in their own way, the two red ladies continue to trust their own instincts and not slip into the new fashion/consumption formatted mold.They are pioneers in the art of leading a woman's life, creative, innovative and visionary, without any restrictions.Vivienne Westwood on her side, provoco-trash Queen, skillfully combining punk attitude and royal.
As for Sonia Rykiel, always jamming the tracks by exacerbating the image of a female child, the strong character of Paris shimmering and timeless, to our greatest pleasure.
If they are still on top today, it's precisely because they know not to betray themselves and stay close enough to their fans to create an unbreakable link.
They have not forgotten that the design industry was also to create fantasy, and people have more need than ever to dream.
It is not so superfluous to my taste that to slip on a dress and feel traveling or otherwise exist.
I sincerely thank these two ladies let us enter their world and allow us to display their dreams.

Vivienne Westwood is wearing:
total look Prada

lace umbrella

Sonia Rykiel is wearing:
teddy jacket Maje, denims jeans 7 For All Mankind, creepers shoes Sonia Rykiel

wear a canotier hat

By Maryama Luccioni


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