Thursday, March 4, 2010

Imagine all the People - New Era Divas

I've always been fascinated by the diva artist. Even going so far as to establish the fact that being a diva is an art in itself.
Inspired by the divas across all eras and styles, Maria Callas, Brigitte Bardot, Marilyn Monroe, Grace Jones, to name them, they represented to me, each in their own way, the quintessence of the star and its ultimate prize caprices, whims and delusions, but also their exceptional destiny.
Common to all these divas is that solar power, this halo of light around them.
There was a time when the diva played a bit on the same register, whether actress or singer, or often both.
Statuesque and glamorous woman, going around intellectuals, artists in the wind and people of high society, sometimes teaming up with powerful men, mostly married, perhaps by risk appetite, provocation or innocence ... Giving birth to great epics of passionate or exciting and destructive love, of course.
Today's diva is a woman who wants to show the world how much she's a self-made woman, she alone is master of her destiny and architect of her success.
At the edge of "control freak", she keeps an eye on everything related to her image and her work.
Still as crazy, playing with the most current codes, they abandon now, the fragile and candid side of yesteryear's diva.
Timing question you might ask... "The woman is a man like others", they are there to show us.

Lady Gaga is wearing:
outfit Rochas, hat Borsalino, bag Céline

If you're not in the mood for hanging out half naked, try bleached denim bloomers

Ebony Bones is wearing:
headpiece Tsumori Chisato, dress Vivienne Westwood Gold Label, purse Miu Miu, shoes Bleach

Golden Indian jewelery and short denim jacket


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